AllTrails Home Feed

Who is AllTrails?

With 300,000+ hand curated trails in over 100 countries AllTrails is the leading source for hiking, biking, and running trails. My role: Half of a small in-house design team I worked with the Design Director to identify opportunities and build out solutions.

The Problem

The AllTrails home screen was under-utilized. Users were greeted with a long scroll of trails when opening the app, and most were unaware of the search features to refine the content. Opening the app drops users on the explore/home feed. Users are greeted with an endless scroll of trail cards sorted by proximity.

  1. Content was not customized for user
  2. Users did not know about search filters
  3. Low adoption of features due to lack of awareness

A common theme across user testing was that users were not aware of basic functionality of the app. This led to a constant load of requests on the support team. The FAQ’s section of AllTrails website is the only education tool available to users. It is text heavy and not built for onboarding and feature education.


Evolve the explore page from an endless scroll of trails to a personalized experience for the user.


Make full use of the Explore screen by building out a personalized homepage to drive engagement, drive Pro conversions and reduce the load on the in-house support team.

Personalized Rivers
Create a personalized user experience on the home page to surface relevant content. Worked with the engineering team to build logic for simple rules-based personalized trail collections. They leveraged meta-data from user recordings, search + filter history, custom lists, and location.

Feature Education
Use Braze to dynamically push targeted educational content based on specific user events (or lack thereof) Education pages feature step-by-step guides and animated GIFs showcasing free features to all users and Pro features to those that have upgraded to Pro. We also partnered with the support team to identify common pain points for users.

Activity River
We regularly heard from users that they we unaware they could search by activity or suitability. The Browse by Activity river brought awareness to the breadth of outdoor adventure options on AllTrails.

Pro Up-sell
45% of AllTrails users were unaware that there was a Pro offering available. Pro up-sell content cards were an opportunity to spotlight Pro features and drive traffic to our conversion funnel.

Onboarding series
Previously AllTrails had not done any onboarding process or new user education. A new series of welcome emails showed new users the features of AllTrails, suggested trials in their area and showcased the available Pro features. Inactive users triggered the re-onboarding series after a time of inactivity.

Product announcements or mails spotlighting specific features that were seeing a low amount of awareness or adoption were sent out on a regular cadence to engage users in segments that had low app activity.

New app store slides

A new set of app store slides took the opportunity to spotlight features that users typically found valuable, but did not organically discover. This touchpoint focused on free features to new users, the pro up-sell came once the users had created an account and seen the value of the product.

Cross Team Benefits

  • Support tickets regarding common issues reduced by 25%
  • Marketing began to implement the new Braze card system for sales and promotion.
  • The leadership team and PR utilized the Braze cards for community communication and sharing blog posts.
  • Awareness of Pro increased, and we began to see an uptick in conversions.