What is AllTrails?

With 300,000+ hand curated trails in over 100 countries AllTrails is the leading source for hiking, biking, and running trails. Our small team of two engineers, a data scientist and myself as product designer were tasked to dog food our product and develop a feature that would help our users find the right trail for them in the long scroll of options in the app.

The Problem

Users were leaving the AllTrails app mid-search to check travel distance to trail heads on Google maps if they were searching for day hikes or weekend trips in an unfamiliar area. The existing filter feature allowed users to search by trail length, activity type and trail features, but the only indicator of travel time to trail heads were trail head pin results displayed on a map view.

The Solution

We wanted to find a solution that allowed users to find the right trail with little friction, and kept users from leaving our platform mid search. We identified an API which provided driving, transit, walking and biking estimates. The user could input the amount of travel time they had available to filter for trailheads that were within their range.