When Cleversafe was acquired by IBM they needed to began the process of reworking all customer touch points to fit under the IBM brnd umbrella. As an established company their primary concern was account retention as they began to operate as IBM Cloud Object Storage. The website was the primary point of contact with current and new customers, so that was the main focus of the rebranding efforts.

Tasked with adhering to IBM’s branding guidelines while still keeping the brand flavour of Cleversafe we did a complete overhaul across the website and whitepaper documentation. Cleversafe had been a client of our studio for a few years and our team had finished the Cleversafe website redesign in 2015 before the acquisition. That familiarity with the product and offerings served well as we worked with them to rebuild the site using IBM brand elements and content while still retaining some of the Cleversafe flavor.

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