In the MFA Design program at the Academy of Art we are challenged to find a problem and design a solution for our masters thesis. I began this process in 2012 when social media was becoming an ever increasing part of our lives. In a world where we were creating data at an unprecedented pace I asked where that data went and who exactly can see it. In researching digital privacy and the legacy we are building by recording our lives I came to realize that the children growing up now are the first who have the potential to have every milestone, event and development recorded.

Adults are able to make do research into how their data is used and can make their own informed choices about who has access to their information. Children cannot. The goal of the Poster Child app is two fold – to educate parents on how data is used, stored and who has access to that information and giving them tools to keep track of what has been posted about their child to social media sites.

Poster Child App from Jana Heyer on Vimeo.

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The app syncs with parents and family members social accounts to keep track of how many posts the caregivers are making about their child, and monitor what sensitive information may be posted. This gives the parents a quick overview of their child’s digital record online and allows them to better see the digital record they are building of their child’s life. 
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Tools also include an analysis of the parents posting patterns, showing the predicted amount that will be posted over the child’s life from age 0-12 based on their current pacing. This allows parents to have a wider view of how their social media usage will build a digital record of their child’s life and let them decide what to share and how often.

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