Creating B2B materials was an opportunity to rethink their visual representation in a way that expressed their brand in a dynamically, reflecting their desire to partner with companies in the energy sector. Their OOH and consumer facing design had quirk and playfulness, but historically their B2B communications were stoic and did not present their brand values well.

After exploring a spectrum of solutions from bold graphics through to safer designs the client landed on this system that featured their product in a playful way. Using their icon system and UX design I created patterns to pair with their showcased products, and a type system that was scan-able and dynamic.

Booklet 0201 2016-08-18_1

Nest_B2B_Spread_1Nest_B2B_Spread_2 Nest_B2B_Spread_3

Nest_B2B_wifi         Nest_B2B_Pattern_Tiles_V1-01