The Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute began as internal Google training program educating employees on mindfulness, empathy and emotional intelligence. In the last decade is has grown to an incredibly popular internal program that has expanded its offerings to external corporations, non-profits and government agencies world wide. It brings together Zen principals, neuroscience and technology together to train executives and professionals.

Since their founding as in internal initiative at Google the institute had not developed their graphic system and was still relying on clip art and stock photos to communicate their brand. They needed a system that communicated the principals and ethos of their program. In honor of their foundation in Zen principals the patterns and color palette are inspired by Tibetan art.


SIYLI_colors_V2-08The radiating shapes in a Mandala  speak to the  how the participants learn to see themselves in a new light through the program, learning to look inwards to bring about outward change.